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What we do

Design Thinking | Industrial Design | Branding | Experiences | Architecture & Spaces | Retail | Healthcare

About Us

Incubis is one of India’s pioneering multidisciplinary Architecture & Design companies.

Over the last 26 years, we have used the power of design thinking and discovering customer insights to create compelling new spaces, products and experiences. These have demonstrated enduring relevance across multiple sectors. Incubis offers a complete suite of solutions encompassing Master Planning, Architecture, Integrated Engineering Services along with Spatial Design, Way-Finding & Landscape.

Fully coordinated Structural Engineering and MEP Services including Electrical & Lighting design, HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Safety are offered in partnership with leading consultants who work closely with us.

Our roots are in industrial design and we remain passionate about resolving details.

We have a team of over 55 creative and technical professionals working out of our studios in Gurgaon with a Satellite in Bangalore. Our work goes beyond creating effective design concepts and encompasses the development of standards, systems, detailed specifications and manuals to deliver streamlined implementation and robust scalability.

Incubis’ clients include leading Fortune 500 multi-nationals as well as well-known Indian companies and Government Organizations. We partner closely with Government and Corporate Clients to evolve solutions that embody technical prowess, frugal engineering, simplicity and timeless elegance.

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Our History

Incubis is one of India’s pioneering multi-disciplinary Architecture & Design companies. From a small team of 5 with a focus on Industrial Design to a respected multi-disciplinary studio working on a wide range of creative opportunities, we have come a long way.

Over the years, we have used the power of design to discover customer insights and create compelling new products, spaces and experiences. These have demonstrated enduring relevance across sectors.

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Our Design Philosophy

We believe that an experience makes sense in three ways – If it unfolds slowly over time, allows people in a space to draw their own interpretations and if it is born out of their own past experiences and aspirations making it more meaningful. These scenarios can be created by understanding who is going the benefit from the solution and building insights about their state of mind.

Our design process is anchored around the belief that we’re essentially providing a service with a rich measure of innovation, yet a service all the same. The consumers of our services (whether end-users or clients) are the ultimate beneficiaries of our work and empathizing with them, understanding their motivations and their expectations are key to a successful outcome. Having the humility to extract the most from the Client’s experience and exposure to the situation and using that knowledge to supercharge the creative process can make a huge difference.

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