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Design for efficient manufacturing and growth


Companies require advanced strategies to meet the needs of their evolving business. Groz started as a small tool making unit in a garage in 1976. As volumes and range expanded over time, the production was dispersed over multiple manufacturing units with traditional operations. To move to the next level of efficiency and quality and meet international standards a massive change in approach was needed.


A proposal to improve operations that eventually led to a unified factory with new manufacturing technologies and a well organized management system to support and enable the corporate growth.


Groz manufactures high precision industrial equipment including fluid handling products as well as LED work lights and professional hand tools. In the year 1999 the company was producing a range of 400 tools, mainly for exports, though multiple production units in Faridabad. Due to the growth in their credibility internationally, instances of high rejection rates in production became a matter of concern that Incubis was called in to investigate and help resolve. 

Incubis studied their operations for manufacture of Lubrication Products and Engineering Tools at their Faridabad plants (distributed over five separate plants) and established systems and procedures to streamline them with the objective of optimising capacity-utilisation, improving productivity while enhancing product quality and profitability. This task was successfully accomplished through progressive hands-on implementation of Incubis’ recommendations, staff re-orientation and training. This was done over a period of about six months during which significant benefits were visible. Incubis also pointed out that the then existing multi-site operations with space constraints had limitations and that integrated operations with increased in-house operations with investments in new technologies and consequent economies of scale with reduced out-sourcing could lead to even better results.

Encouraged by the initial outcomes, Groz decided to relocate their entire manufacturing operations from Faridabad along with their administrative offices from Delhi to a new plant to be set up at a 12 acre plot at Gurgaon with the expectation that the new, integrated facility would incorporate the streamlined systems and procedures developed for Faridabad together with an expansion of capacity through additional equipment – This plant would be a modern facility, manufacturing products meeting international quality standards. To meet this need and attract investors, we helped Groz create a detailed project report. 

With a constantly evolving masterplan and active project management including site-supervision, we were able to complete the project within a year. We designed not only the building but also the internal manufacturing processes, layouts and details along with specifying advanced equipment to quadruple production. A utility block was designed to host fire safety, electrical and air-conditioning, all within a compact footprint. A corporate office was also made with its interiors done by us to host the rapidly expanding team.

The company grew exponentially after this strategic shift, done at the right time, at the right place, along with operational management details such as storage, packaging and quality control fully integrated. Today, Groz is a successful and respected global enterprise with more than 2000 employees producing some of the most technically advanced tools and hardware in the world.

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